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Web Design

Our clients value quality. Our goal is to clarify the message you want your customers to hear, and convey it in the most direct way possible. Not through a scanner darkly. You need web design that works for you and your clients.


Design that works

What did you think when you saw this website? “How preddy? What a preddy pussy cat?” Nope, you thought these guys are awesome designers – I want one like this!


Analytics that Report

How many hours do you spend looking at your analytics? None! Wow, you need to know about your clients man. Lots!? Wow, you need to look at the bottom line, your time is money. We will show you the useful info, cut out the dross.


Adwords that convert

We’ve spent 6 figures on adwords. We have learnt our lessons… let us share them with you so you can be a leader in your industry.


Content that thrills

Don’t “Lorem ipsum” me. Your readers want to gain knowledge, influence influencers. You need to be an authority. Are you? If not become one.


People you’ll love

Despite going on about how amazing we are at design and SEO and all things web, we are actually relatively humble. We are probably better than we think. All the same, we know we have our faults and we always aim to please you – number one!


The bottom line

You want to make more money. Your clients want a better experience. We want you to have a better website seen by more visitors, converting more visitors to clients. You’ve come to the right place.

Put yourself in Google’s shoes

Google is on the side of your client. They don’t want quality content… they want amazing relevant content that is better than your competitors. That’s why you want NDG, for content which compels, conveys and converts.

Contact Us

Most Important. Contact Us.

Don’t leave without saying hello. Pop us an email, call us or whatever. If you fancy a coffee and a cake pop by. We can chat design, SEO or about season six of Breaking Bad… we ain’t fussed. 😉

  • 020-912-2525
  • 67 Dublin Rd, Dublin


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